Employers have an obligation to help ensure the safety and comfort of their workers during business hours. Companies that employ workers who spend a significant amount of time behind a desk usually provide office chairs for these employees to sit in.

A standard office chair might not provide a comfortable fit for all employees. If some of your employees are petite, a standard chair might lead to genuine health risks that will sideline your workers and open your company up to workers' compensation claims.

Office chairs for petite employees should have a unique set of characteristics to ensure their comfort and safety over time.

A Short Cylinder

Nearly all office chairs available on today's market feature an adjustable seat height. The problem with standard chairs is that the adjustable cylinder is not short enough to allow the seat to be lowered far enough to meet the needs of petite employees.

Sitting in a chair that is too tall day after day could cause circulation problems in your petite employees' lower extremities. Be sure to invest in office chairs with short cylinder for your workers who are diminutive in stature.

If you want to utilize the standard chairs that you already have available, you should invest in foot rests for petite workers to help avoid cramping and restricted circulation in the feet, ankles, and lower legs.

Narrow Arm Rests

Another common complaint petite workers might have when sitting in standard office chairs is that the armrests are too far apart.

Petite individuals tend to have shorter arms and narrower shoulders than their larger counterparts. If the armrests are too far apart, petite employees cannot receive proper support for their shoulders and arms. This type of improper support could lead to the development of thoracic, neck, and arm problems in the future.

Look for office chairs that have armrests which can be moved in or out to accommodate the shoulder width of the employee using the chair at any given time.

Adjustable Lumbar Support

People who sit for a significant portion of the day can be susceptible to the development of back problems. Office chairs are equipped with lumbar support to offer much-needed structure for the lower back.

In standard chairs, the position of the lumbar support can be much too high to actually cradle a petite worker's lower back. Only chairs with an adjustable lumbar support apparatus should be considered for petite employees.

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