Congratulations! Customers love your food and your restaurant! What can you do next to keep the profits rolling? Most of your customers are probably asking you if you deliver. That is definitely a direction most successful restaurants take to increase sales, repeat business, and customer satisfaction. As you make the move toward delivering your food, you want to keep in mind all the ways to keep food hot so that even if your driver gets stuck in traffic, or it takes longer to deliver the food because of the distance, it still arrives hot. The following products are the most commonly used ones in keeping food hot and delivering it at a good temperature.

Food Warmer Sleeves

If you have ever visited a sports arena, then you are familiar with food warmer sleeves. These are wrappers that are insulated on the inside and made of a foil on the outside. Food stays hot for a couple of hours when these sleeves are closed or fully wrapped around hot food. They are inexpensive to use too, when you buy them by the dozen or buy them by the gross. The only downside is that these wrappers can only be used for bread, bread sticks, hot dogs, hamburgers, hot sandwiches, and other foods that would ordinarily be wrapped in foil. 

 Recyclable Plastic Containers (With or Without Foil Trays)

Chinese food deliveries are often made in plastic containers that are completely recyclable plastic, or foil pans with plastic lids. In both cases, these containers seal in the heat of the freshly cooked food so that it is still hot when the customer receives it. It is a better, cleaner option than delivering food in Styrofoam take-out containers, which can leak and make a mess. 

Cars with Built-in Warming Ovens

Something that is really revolutionary in food delivery services is the vehicle with a built-in warming oven. A warming oven is built into the side of every vehicle. The warming oven can hold the equivalent of three or four large pizzas, and the heat is controlled via the electric coils in the oven, fueled by the vehicle's own electric battery system. If you have customers that are more than thirty minutes away, or they are located where traffic makes it nearly impossible to deliver in a timely fashion, you might want to invest in these vehicles to make your deliveries. The food arrives safe and hot.