The variety of bottle labeling machines on the market may surprise you if you've got a new beverage or liquid product to market. Bottle labeling may seem like a simple task, but your labels are the first thing customers see when they pick up your product; therefore, they must look good. What bottle-labeling features are important?

1-Fast Print Rate 

Of course, if you're labeling hundreds of bottles before boxing them up, the main reason you need the machine is to shorten the amount of time putting labels on them. Your primary goal during your machine search is to find something that prints as rapidly as possible.

If your budget doesn't allow for an electric bottle labeling machine, all hope isn't lost. While manual models with a crank can't label bottles as quickly as electric models, they will still save you time and allow you to label your bottles neatly and more quickly than if you applied the labels freehand.

2-Affordable Machine and Parts

Of course, the machine will have to fit into your budget. You need to afford the machine without overspending, but you should also be looking at parts and repair prices too. You need to price replacement parts for the different machines you're considering. You may also contact repairmen and ask them for their rates so you can anticipate how much repairs could be, depending on which machine you choose now.

3-Ability to Work With Different Bottles and Materials

Your labeling machine must work with the types of bottles you have. However, as your business grows, you may choose a different bottle type--and you won't want to get a new labeling machine. Therefore, look for versatile machines that will grow with you. Some machines will even print some bags as well.

4-Acceptable Size

Where will you be putting your labeling machine? If you're bottling products out of your house, you might simply not have the space for a big machine. You might have to focus on labeling machines that are small enough for your home office or garage. 

5-Little Assembly Required

Some models require you to put together more of the machine than others. If you don't consider yourself handy with machines, you'll likely want to avoid those models; improper assembly could affect the way the labels are attached to the bottles.

With these labeling machine features in mind, explore different machines and try them out as you search for the best one. Machine retailers can explain more details about each model.