Warehouse HR professionals tend to spend a huge amount of time recruiting potential new employees, screening and interviewing them, and then onboarding them once hired. Warehouses can have high rates of turnover, which means you end up repeating this time-intensive process over and over again. Luckily, there are simple steps warehouse HR professionals can take to make the hiring process much more efficient, saving serious time and money that can be better spent elsewhere. Here are three warehouse staffing tips to try:

Clearly Communicate Job Expectations

If your warehouse is suffering from frequent turnover, the problem could lie in poorly communicated job expectations. Be sure that your job descriptions are current, detailed, and accurate. Your job listings shouldn't be negative, but they should definitely be honest. For example, if a position is physically demanding and requires strength and stamina, it's better to be clear about this up front. This will prevent someone who isn't a good fit from applying for the job and potentially wasting time and money if they get far into the hiring process.

Consider an Employee Referral Program

One simple, yet effective way to give your warehouse staffing a boost is to create an employee referral program. This involves your current employees referring friends or family members who they believe would be a great fit. This cuts down on the time you need to spend recruiting, and referrals often make loyal employees since they already know some of their coworkers and are probably more informed about the job environment.

If a new hire from a referral stays for a certain amount of time (say, three months), then the employee who refers them receives a small cash bonus on their paycheck or another reward.

Use a Warehouse Staffing Service

The best way to save time and money when it comes to your staffing needs is to use a warehouse staffing service. They will help create job listings, market openings to the right audience, and screen and interview prospects. They can also handle other time-consuming tasks, including background checks and new hire paperwork. The cost is often quite reasonable and can be easily recouped since you will likely have fewer costly job vacancies at your warehouse once you use a staffing service.

By following these tips, your warehouse staffing process will soon be much more efficient, and you will be able to spend your time on more rewarding projects.