Grandparents who volunteer are always a good thing. Your grandmother's decision to give back to the community in her senior years allows everyone to benefit from her kind heart and spirit. Volunteering at an animal shelter is a great way for your grandma to make sure that her favorite animals are well cared for, and she's bound to come home with all kinds of stories after a day spent taking care of pets. When your grandma loves animals so much that she spends her free time taking care of them, you've got an easy starting point for planning some activities with her. Reading good dog stories together provides these benefits for your grandma that she'll appreciate:

Revive Her Positive Attitude

Unfortunately, everything is not always rainbows and sunshine at an animal shelter. Your grandma is bound to see a few sad things, such as dogs that have suffered as strays before they are brought in for help. Good dog stories are uplifting. They describe dogs performing heroic acts or displaying loyalty toward their human companions. Hearing about positive things that dogs and humans do together helps your grandmother renew her spirit after a day that was tougher than most.

Reinforce Her Desire to Help Dogs

Volunteering is hard work, and it often becomes more like a second career for seniors when they spend most of their time at the shelter. The weight of responsibility that falls on your grandma's shoulders could sometimes cause her to second guess her decision. Sharing stories about dogs together helps her remember why she does what she does to help animals. Reinforcing your grandma's desire to help dogs also strengthens her sense of purpose because she can see that you believe that what she does has value.

Inspire Her to Share Her Stories

One of the best things about reading together is that one story tends to invite another. After you read a great dog story together, you can just bet that your grandma will suddenly be reminded of one of her own experiences. Invite your grandma to share her stories, and consider recording them. Hearing more about what led her to be an advocate for dogs helps you bond and understand more about your family legacy.

Spending time with your grandma is always more fun when you find an activity that you can engage in regularly. Sharing dog stories is a great way to bond with each other, and it helps reinforce your grandma's interests.