Parkinson's disease has many symptoms, but one of those symptoms is the shaking of hands and arms. The hands can shake so bad that doing certain chores can prove to be too difficult. Hand tremors can affect everything from not having the ability to fill out forms to not being able to feed oneself without making a mess. However, there are devices on the market that can help someone to hold on to their freedom. You can learn about some of the great devices and how they can help by reviewing the content that has been provided here.

No-spill cups and mugs

There are no-spill cups and mugs made specifically for those with Parkinson's disease. These cups and mugs are designed to hold the liquid inside of them, so the liquid won't spill out when the person is trying to take a drink and their hands have tremors. The cups and mugs allow them to drink hot liquids, such as coffee and tea, without worrying that the hot liquids are going to end up spilling on them.

Technology-based eating utensils

There are eating utensils that have been designed to counter the tremors someone is having by using the technology to keep the utensil as straight as possible, making eating a whole lot easier and much cleaner. The technology causes a counterbalancing effect, so the utensil recognizes quick moves one way and reacts by moving the utensil in an appropriate manner to steady it out.

Weighted handwriting gloves

There are handwriting gloves available that are weighted in a way that makes it easier for someone with hand tremors to write. Without this weighted glove, it can be difficult for others to read what was written. Even if the writing is legible, it will still be messy where the glove can help them to write in a cleaner fashion.

Parkinson's glove

There is a Parkinson's glove that is in production that will significantly decrease the hand tremors in a way that can make everything easier for someone to do with their hands. This glove will give the person more muscle control, and it will also reduce their tremors.


More apparatuses are being designed constantly to help people with Parkinson's disease to gain more freedom by helping them to control their movements in ways that weren't available to them in the past. With so many items coming available, it's important to stay on the lookout for new ones.