Massage, facials, wraps — there are numerous reasons why people visit a spa on a regular basis for a little rest and rejuvenation. If you are considering opening a spa in your area because these kinds of establishments are lacking, you are looking at a lot of planning to get your business up and running. One of the greatest burdens you will face is choosing what spa services to offer customers. Your goal is to offer services that will attract business and still allow you to turn a healthy profit. Here are a few do's and don'ts to remember when choosing the services you will offer in your new spa. 

Do: Consider the Demographics of the Area

It may seem strange to look at area demographics when selecting spa services to offer at your new place of business, but this is something that really should come into play. By checking out the average income levels, age, and other attributes of the locals, you can better assume what types of services people will be most likely looking for when they stop in for a visit. For example, if there are a lot of senior citizens in the area, they may not be so interested in newfangled treatments, but they will enjoy the classic spa offerings like massage treatments. 

Don't: Offer Services That Require Specialists Initially

There are some services that can be offered by just about any spa and the only thing necessary will be an employee who has been properly trained to provide the service. However, some levels of service at a spa are relative to more professional providers. For instance, you may need a qualified esthetician if you are going to offer chemical peels. In the beginning, it may not be financially feasible to offer these services because of the expense of hiring a professional. 

Do: Go Heavy With Marketing When You First Start Out

Marketing and advertising will be the key to getting the word out to the community that your new spa is going to open. It is a good idea to do promotional offerings of spa services such as free massage giveaways or something similar just to generate public interest. Spas do generate interest just by existing, but if you can start off with a full client list from the time you open your doors, you are far more likely to remain stable and successful over the long term. 

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