One of the most significant benefits of taking an Alaskan cruise is getting up close and personal with nature. At times, this can involve encountering dangerous animals like killer whales and different types of bears. Your cruise line will keep you safe, but it's essential to know how to deal with these animals just in case.

How to Stay Safe from Killer Whales

There are two places you're likely to see killer whales. One is when you're safely watching from above on the deck of your cruise ship. The other is if you take a kayaking or other small boat excursion.

Killer whales in the wild have never attacked a person. The real danger is if they jump into your boat and land on you or tip it over. To avoid this, don't approach pods of killer whales, and also make sure you stay far away from any seals, fish schools, or other killer whale snacks.

How to Stay Safe from Polar Bears

Polar bears are one of the few animals that actually hunt people for food. Luckily, your cruise will only take you to protected areas where people actively chase away polar bears. However, if you do happen to see one, stay as far away as possible and seek protected shelter as soon as you can.

How to Stay Safe from Brown Bears

If you venture towards the woods or a stream where brown bears catch fish, your biggest risk is the bear seeing you as a threat. They generally attack for defensive reasons not for food. Keep your distance and move slowly. If a brown bear approaches you and you can't escape, it's better to play dead so the bear doesn't think you're a threat.

But Seriously, Just Enjoy Your Cruise

It's natural to be a little nervous when you're taking an adventure in new places. When you're going out into nature, it's also important to be aware of the local wildlife and how to protect yourself. However, cruises are a tightly controlled environment designed to keep everyone safe.

As long as you follow your crew's instructions, you will almost always be a safe distance from any wildlife. The crew knows the area, and the animals don't want to be near large groups of people. It may be exciting to think about encounters with large dangerous animals, and you may want to brag about how you survived the Alaskan wilderness, but you really don't have much to worry about.

To learn more, talk to a local Alaskan cruise company today.