Beer is one of the most popular types of alcoholic beverages. Not surprisingly, there are many different systems in place that can be used to store and dispense the beer. CO2 growlers can be some of the most popular and efficient options, but consumers are often inexperienced with using growlers for their beer storage and dispensing needs.

Why Should You Opt For A CO2 Growler?

It is common for individuals to prefer the taste and carbonation levels of draft beer. Unfortunately, a full draft system can be extremely expensive to have installed and to operate. Furthermore, these systems will need large amounts of space. These factors can make it impractical for a homeowner to have one of these systems installed. However, a growler will be able to provide you with beer that is similar to draft without the need to have these expensive systems installed. Furthermore, the smaller size of growlers can make them ideal for individual consumption.

What Should You Do After Opening The Growler?

As with other carbonated beverages, it is important to appreciate you will need to properly store the beer in the growler if you are to minimize the effects of the beer going flat from losing its carbonation. Generally, you can achieve this by ensuring that you are thoroughly closing the valve to the growler after each use so that gases are unable to escape. Furthermore, the growler will need to be kept in a cooled environment so that the beer will avoid further degradation. If you properly store the leftover beer in the growler, it can remain good for up to a couple of days after initially opening it. This can give you enough time to drink it at the rate that you are wanting without having to worry about wasting significant amounts of the growler.

Are Growlers Always Disposable?

You might be able to appreciate the benefits that are being offered by CO2 growlers, but there may be concerns about the space needed to accommodate or the difficulties with disposing of a large number of empty growlers. However, there are reusable growlers that individuals will be able to either have refilled or exchanged. These growlers can make it easy to take advantage of this unique and efficient method of beer dispensing and storing beer without having to have more trash than necessary. Furthermore, individuals will often find that reusable growlers can allow them to save a little money when they are having the growler refilled or exchanging it for a full one.