Whether you are operating as a sales agent for a chemical company, or you are an HVAC contractor, you probably have some refrigerant for sale laying around. While it is legal to sell these icy-cold substances, you do have to be really careful about selling it and to whom you sell it. If someone makes you an offer and you want to follow through on the sale, there are a few things you need to check first. 

Ask to See the Appropriate License

Refrigerants are government-regulated substances. They can only be sold to licensed manufacturers, licensed HVAC contractors, and licensed sales agents of chemical companies. You may have a license from one of these three professional areas already, but you do have to verify that the person buying the refrigerant from you is also licensed. Failure to check and verify the buyer's license puts your own license at risk since a buyer could be severely injured or killed playing around with refrigerant or cause others harm. Then the mistake would be traced back to you. Asking to see a current and appropriate license from the buyer ensures that everyone will be safe with where the refrigerant ends up. 

Check the Refrigerant Against Federally Approved Substances

This is a good tip for both buyers and sellers of refrigerants because there are lots of refrigerants out there that are no longer legal. The federal government has banned them, and no one should be buying or selling them. Freon is still relatively safe, but R-22 refrigerant is illegal. The federal government frequently updates its list of banned and allowed refrigerants so that any sales of illegal refrigerants stops. 

Safe Transport of Refrigerants

Refrigerants are not something you simply throw in the front seat next to you in the truck. They have to be transported in a very specific way. Check to see how the type of refrigerant you want to sell should be transported, and if it is not contained properly or handled property by the buyer, do not make the sale. Most licensed professionals who handle refrigerants will already know how these potentially dangerous products should be handled, but every once in a while, you meet someone that is not handling things correctly. It puts both of you in legal jeopardy if the containers of refrigerant explode, roll off the truck, or are not properly secured in the back of the vehicle. 

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