A sign for your business isn't just a fantastic way to advertise; it also does the important job of communicating what your business is all about to potential customers. But the message they receive may be positive or negative depending on how well your sign has been designed and placed. Here are four common mistakes that business owners often make when creating signage.

Not Using a Graphic Designer

Just because your cousin knows how to use Adobe Illustrator doesn't mean you should toss them a couple bucks to design your sign. You should always hire a professional graphic designer. Why do that when you can save money by hiring an amateur, you might ask? Because you want your sign to communicate an unspoken message to your customers. Graphic designers aren't just talented artists; they also understand the subtle messages that are being communicated through certain design elements. Also, choose a designer that has experience designing physical signs, if possible. There are some unique challenges that come with the job, like choosing a typeface and size that is decipherable on a physical sign from a distance.

Waiting Too Long

Physical signs take a lot of time to manufacture. It takes time to get it designed; it takes time to tweak the designs until you approve them; it takes time to have the design sent to the sign maker; it takes time for the sign maker to fit you into a growing queue of customers; it takes time to install the sign. So don't wait until the last second to pull the trigger on getting your sign made or you could be hosting a Grand Opening event for a business with no signs to advertise on.

Wrong Location

Another common mistake is putting up the sign in the wrong location. People often default to hanging a sign on the area of the building that's easiest to hang a sign. But that's not often the best place. Ask yourself a few questions. Where will the sign get the most visibility? Is there a clear line of sight in every direction? Are there trees in the way? If you're not sure what's best, your sign installation company might have some useful advice.

Wrong Materials

The fourth common mistake is choosing the wrong material. This almost always comes down to one thing: cost. A business owner often wants to cut costs by choosing a cheaper sign material, but if you want your sign to be able to weather the elements, you can't really cut corners. You need a sign that's durable and won't fade.

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