Do you need to give yourself an enema using a gravity bag system and not sure how to go about doing it? Here are some tips for using this type of enema device on your own.

Use The Right Solutions

You'll want to use a saline solution for your enema if you want it to work correctly since using water alone may not have the desired effects. Thankfully, you can purchase a saline solution specifically for this purpose, which should have glycerine in it as an active ingredient. It helps to warm the saline solution by placing it under warm water, which is very similar to how you would heat up a baby bottle so that the liquid is not too hot. 

Prepare The Gravity Bag

Before you get started, you'll want to make sure that the release clamp on the tube coming out of the gravity bag has been closed. Once you know that is in the proper position, you can pour the saline solution into the gravity bag and seal it tightly. You should see the solution go through the tube until it reaches the clamp. You'll actually want to release the clamp at this point, allow the solution to go further down the tube until it reaches the end. 

Prepare The Syringe And Catheter

There will be a catheter with two ports on it. One is used to inflate the balloon that helps the catheter stay in the rectum, and the other administers the solution. You can take a syringe and fill it with a small amount of air that will be used to inflate the balloon. Give it a try to make sure that enough air pushes through the line to inflate the balloon. You can remove the air from the balloon with the syringe and keep it all connected.

Prepare For The Enema

It will work best to be in a comfortable position for the administration of the enema. Lay on your back or side with your knees curled up toward your chest. You can then apply a lubricant to the catheter that goes into rectum and slowly insert it. The balloon can then be inflated to help hold it all in place. Release the clamp that controls the flow of the enema solution, and it will slowly enter the body over about 5 to 10 minutes.

When finished you will deflate the balloon, remove the catheter, and then use the bathroom to expel the enema solution. If you need to use an enema device, get one from a company like Skiddaddle