Instead of building culverts from scratch, a lot of companies are just repurposing railroad flat cars. It's a great idea considering the structural durability that these used materials provide. If you plan on setting these culverts up underneath a road system, keep in mind these precautions.

Designate Proper Setup Location Using Marking Paint

You may have performed the necessary assessments to figure out where used tank car culverts should go around a road system underground. You won't ever lose track of this ideal setup location when you rely on marking paint.

These paints point out where the culverts need to be installed. Even if the substrate you're around is rough, the marking paint will still show up clearly. You just need to use the right device to correctly apply this paint. For instance, if you need to be precise when marking off this location, a marking wheel is your best bet. Whereas if you just want a general idea of the ideal culvert location, you can use spray cans.

Use a Skid-Steer Loader to Dig a Trench

Probably the most time-consuming part of installing used tank car culverts under a road is digging the trench. So that you're able to work a lot smarter and safer, consider renting out a skid-steer loader to move dirt out of the way to create a trench big enough to support the size of your used tank car culverts.

Skid-steer loaders are powerful enough to remove a lot of dirt quickly, but they also are pretty compact. You'll thus have an easier time navigating this heavy-duty machine around the environment that is receiving these culverts.

Make Sure You Achieve the Perfect Slope

If your used tank car culverts aren't set up properly underneath roads, then the slope could be off to where water just sits in the culvert. That isn't good for its overall longevity and ability to support proper drainage.

As such, take your time focusing on what proper slope to achieve. Building the trench up using the proper dimensions and materials will help you find an optimal slope. Then you can test the slope out to make sure water doesn't sit in the culvert.

After having used tank car culverts dropped off by a supplier, you'll want to carefully go through proper installation protocols for roads. Then you'll know what steps to take early on and mistakes to keep from affecting your setup process.