If you are new to guns, the idea of walking into the local gun shop for the first time might have you feeling kind of awkward. You might not want to say or do anything that will make you look like the rookie that you are. But most gun shop owners know that every single gun owner was new to guns at some point in their life and some may even go out of their way to put you at ease. Still, if you want to try and play it cool or at least not create an awkward situation during your first trip to the gun shop, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Don't Make Any Jokes About Shootings or Anything Else That Might Sound Dangerous

Gun owners have a legal responsibility to do a background check before selling you a gun. They also have a legal responsibility to refuse a sale if they believe the gun might be used for a bad purpose or if they can tell that the buyer is not stable in some way. So, in other words, the gun shop is not the place to make any kind of dumb jokes about breaking the law or getting up to no good. Most all gun shop owners take their responsibility seriously, and you should maintain a professional and serious tone when discussing your first gun purchase.

Get Your License and Research the Laws in Your State

Every state in the country may have its own laws on the books when it comes to guns. Having a general idea of the kind of guns or bullets you are allowed to buy and how or when you are allowed to carry is a good starting point. Consider enrolling in an educational course and securing your gun license before you actually purchase your first gun. Some gun shops may even offer a shooting range or an educational class on the premises, so you can start there. But do your research before you actually buy your own and you'll be more confident when it's time to talk shop.

Handle Every Gun With Respect

You should always assume that every gun you are handed or touch in the gun shop is loaded at all times. Never point a gun at another person for any reason. Keep your hand off of the trigger when holding the gun unless you are at the shop's shooting range. Listen to the manager or owner's instructions and comply quickly when told to stop handling a gun or to change whatever it is you are doing.

For more information on gun safety, contact a gun shop near you.